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Common lobster Snake pipefish Flabellina nudibranch Peacock fanworm Velvet swimming crab

The campaign for the protection of our seas is something everyone can be involved in. There are many groups supporting the campaign to increase the protection of the sea and wildlife and especially the creation of many more Marine Reserves. At present less than 0.001% of the UK's seas are protected and that leaves many habitats vulnerable.This page is a directory of some of the organisations which are campaigning and ways you can help - please let us know if we have missed any.

Norfolk Wildlife Trust is the oldest of
the 47 Wildlife Trusts. All 47 support the Marine Bill and for their part NWT have staged numerous marine life, many at their new Cley visitor centre. We have contributed photos taken diving off Norfolk but, as explained in our EADT article, lots more local divers are needed to be part of the Seasearch project to survey the UK's marine wildlife.  We are members of the Marine Conservation Society and Seasearch is a project run by the MCS but steered and supported by many other organisations including The Wildlife Trusts, English Nature, Environment Agency, British Sub Aqua Club and Professional Association of Diving Instructors.

Seasearch are also running a pipefish survey for divers this year.
Whilst Seasearch is for divers there are many others ways to support the cause and The Marine Conservation Society always have a number of campaigns running - you can help by joining or reporting jellyfish or join in their new Yours Seas, your voice campaign in support of marine reserves.

Dawn Watson and Rob Spray are the Eastern region coordinators for 
Seasearch. Please see our Local Seasearch page for more information or e-mail us on 'seasearch at 1townhouses dot co dot uk' - (the funny layout is to stop spam, sorry for the inconvenience).

The RSPB are also campaigning for the Marine Bill nationwide

If you don't believe British dives can be colourful and interesting perhaps a browse through our UK galleries will help change your mind :-)


Constructive comments and corrections are welcome, as always :-)

Rob and Dawn