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The Scillonian III - Arriving in St Marys from Penzance
We'd wanted to go to the Scillies for years. What better way to go than with Sally masterminding the like-clockwork logistics for a week of wildlife watching? Although the weather wasn't at its best we saw lots of good stuff and we didn't miss a dive. The island was a great tranquil base and it was very tempting to stay.

There are two sets of galleries, one cheery set with bad jokes and dodgey captions and a sneaky set of spotters guides where we tried to name all the stuff we saw - take your pick but be warned that lots of the same animals turn up in both! The Spotters Guide appears as the last gallery on this page to make it look more exciting but has its own index too...

Boats and IslesBoats and Isles
A selection of snaps from the parts of the week we spent out of the water.
Day 4 Peters Rock and Tean SoundDay 4 Peters Rock and Tean Sound
Of this pair of sites Tean Sound is the most distinct, a shallow coarse bedded channel with verdant eel grass numbering stalked jellyfish and fifteen spined sticklebacks amongst its many residents.
Day 1 Menavaur and TrenemeneDay 1 Menavaur and Trenemene
Our first dives were an odd experience. the water seemed clear but we had trouble seeing clearly through it, maybe there were micro beasties floating about. I'm surprised we came back with any photos at all.
Day 5 J.S.Rock and Gap PointDay 5 J.S.Rock and Gap Point
More reefy goodness! By day 5 we were suffering from dwindling holiday, now we had our spotting eyes but we were running out of time!
Day 2 Isabow or Scilly Reef and Deep LedgesDay 2 Isabow or Scilly Reef and Deep Ledges
By the second day we'd decided that the water was just too clear for our East Anglian eyes to cope with.
Day 6 Spanish Ledge and MenawethanDay 6 Spanish Ledge and Menawethan
Whilst Spanish Ledge was a strange experience, all the divers meeting up on a narrow pinnacle at nearly 30m, Menawethan was a joy. We played with seals darting in and out of the kelp in the cloudy, shallow water until we thought it was rude to delay tea any further.
Day 3 Galls Stone and Dry LedgeDay 3 Galls Stone and Dry Ledge
The medically ominious Gall's stone was actually named after Angie's dad... worth diving for it's typically well populated rock reef.
Spotter Scilly IDSpotter Scilly ID
With so many pictures, and so many people who knew what to look for, the usual pretty galleries seemed a bit lame so we thought we'd add an ID section to see whether we saw what everyone else did. No prizes but please let us know what's wrong :-)

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