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In the end this was my last dive trip of the year, many thanks to William for inviting me along. We had the last of the good weather and in fact some of the best conditions of the year - flat seas for diving the Kyarra! As we came back after the last dive all the boats in the bay were being pulled out in expectation of a BIG storm, perfect timing William!

Surface SwanageSurface Swanage
Swanage is a cute little town, even off-season. We spent our time either around the pier or the kitchen table at the Auberge - where good food was plentiful. William's support team worked tirelessly to keep him topped up and I was able to retreat to the Coach House B&B across the road when all the children got too much.
The Pier - 1The Pier - 1
Swanage Pier needs no introduction, though I felt quite out of sorts as I drifted round it on my own. Without my spotter (Dawn) I couldn't find the anemone shrimps which have been spotted recently... though I did find plenty of other stuff.
The FleurThe Fleur
We had time for a dive on the day we arrived - The Fleur de Lys, a small wooden boat sunk only a few years ago but already barely holding together. Not much more than a shell now but covered in and surrounded by wildlife, making for a very good dive.
the Kyarra - 2The Kyarra - 2
As the Kyarra had been such a good dive it seemed silly not to do it again... this time we did the other half and found even more Tompots, there's hardly anything else in this gallery.
The Kyarra - 1The Kyarra - 1
Last time I dived the Kyarra I didn't see much of it and wondered what all the fuss was about. This time we had a good look, covering more than half the 126m wreck, but mostly seeing Tompot Blennies.
The Pier - 2The Pier - 2
The others were too wimpy to fit in another dive ;-) so I had the pier to myself. I was desparate to find an anemone shrimp but despite searching lots (and being assured two days later that 25% of them are occupied) I didn't see any. Lots of other stuff though.

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