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Our biggest ever Observer course ran like clockwork... all in all we had 30 divers hitting the water and there were smiles all round. Sheringham did us proud with approaching 10m of vis on shore dives!

P71004721.JPG Saturday diveSaturday dive
The midday dive on the Saturday - with Rhys, less pictures
Sunday dive 1Sunday dive 1
First of the two dives on Sunday, playing with a macro lens. A long swim of 4-500m, felt as though it was near the arches but think I fell short.
Sunday dive 2Sunday dive 2
Sunday's second dive, another long swim with similar results. 45 minutes swim out still doesn't get you level with the arches - but it's nice though!
Surface shennanigansSurface shennanigans
We had 25 odd for the Seasearch Observer course and such good weather and vis that more than 30 even odder hit the water. I've never seen so many divers in Sheringham
Random shot from CleyRandom shots from Cley
Some people stayed on for the Monday and we went down to meet them at Cley after an exploratory drift East of the Vera - this is just a surface selection

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