Up Uk Diving ยป North Cornwall May '11

It always seems that having two coasts should make diving easier for lucky Cornish folk but in fact the North Coast has hardly been surveyed at all. Angie and Emily though this should be rectified - and organised a magnificent trip! We mustn't forget to thank Steve for putting us up and Oscar the lurcher for putting up with us.

Beaches and walksBeaches and walks
This wasn't just a diving trip, we took the chance for a gentle look round and there was plenty of seaweed to be looked at on the shore too. The weather might not have been kind to the boat people but the place looked spectacular and now we have to go back again!
Big boat divesBig boat dives
We felt for Emily and Angie when the wind really didn't want us to dive but they weren't down hearted and made sure we made the very best of every chance. A few of the fisrt dives were a bit murky but that was soon forgotten as the dives on Bawden Rock were spectacular.
Fun in the FalFun in the Fal (and Helford)
On the dodgiest days we had the chance to play on the Fal and the Helford - both broad, clear tidal channels packed with verdant weed and interesting animals. The very best fun was probably bouncing along on George's boat.

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