Felixstowe 23rd June 02


Fresh back from Pembroke I couldn't turn down the chance of some vis off Felixstowe the next day when Simon took the boat out. We saw the Argonauts taking Starfish out, nice to see her getting some use. We had a good first dive on an armed freighter with near 5m vis - I stuppidly decided not to risk the camera. The other clubs came in after lunch as the wind got up but we when out and the sea was fine beyond the bar. The vis was much poorer on the second dive, and taking the camera was interesting if not very picturesque!

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It was nice to see Starfish again. The Argonauts seem to be getting on well with her and enjoyed my joke that she must be fine as a tender for their real boat...
The Sunstar crew laze around as specialists pack people  tightly on to Starfish in the background.
These sailors were high and dry til the next high tide, we squeaked out by the bar in less than a metre of water.
Atfer the first dive Ken set to cleaning his finds
Dave gives an old friend a hand up. The phrase 'ancient customs' springs to mind... but only as a joke.
I didn't take my camera on the first dive...On the second dive the viz was very poor. These anemones seemed happy enough.
You can see the feeding tubes on this dead person's digit
A colony of young plumose anemones?
This isn't a good ad for local diving but it was easy to track Ken and his flood lights.
These make it look blacker than it was, still Ken's headlights cut through the murk
Dip, don't dazzle!
The vis varied from 0.1 to over 1m...
I'd let off the DSMB on the first dive so it was Ken's turn.
A little trailing jelly up in the shallows.
So it was him all along! Lucky to come up with the same buddy!
Alone on a gentle sea, Pete and Simon wait for us on Calypso
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