Nether Regions - Dutch Diving May 06

The plan was to go and see the cuttlefish spawning but (sadly) the water was behind schedule and we were too early but we had a great time doing our diving up in the tranquil waters of the Grevelingenmeer and exploring the pylons of the Zeelandbrug in the Oosterschelde. The trip by ferry took about the same time as going to the Farnes. Thanks to Caroline at De Kabbelaar for accomodating us.

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This Scorpionfish played it pretty cool close up to the lens too
Its not Norfolk but there were plenty of lobsters about
Sea gooseberries are very difficult to photograph, they are usually caught and filmed in narrow tanks for documentaries.
My Dutch is so poor I'm not even sure if the Osterschelde is named after the oysters which cover almost everything
The rocky banks of the Grevelingenmeer are covered in wildlife
Another one of those 'sea hares', looks like this one is going to turn nasty!
Can you spot the odd one out, which anemone is the imposter?
We may not have seen any cuttlefish but we did find a Lumpsucker (Snotolf in Dutch) as we swan between the pylons of the Zeelandbrug
The biggest lobster we saw was trapped...
A very cute golden scorpionfish
Oyster - you can see its gills inside.
Rob rehydrates, very necessary it was 27 degrees on shore!
Rob Spray.