Thailand and Myanmar Late 2005

Where should we start? The diving was to be challenging and we did have lumpy seas and stormy weather but it was a can of fruit that will remain lodged in my memory from this trip.

Although we did have some ordinary weather we had plenty of sun and good diving too aboard MV Nautica. There were only 4 of a possible 10 passengers on board so it was pretty relaxed. The viz wasn't the best but we saw plenty of wack stuff and stunning shoals of Devil Rays.

Back on land the rains came and we thought travelling around Phuket during floods would be dramatic until we visited Tescos... its a long story (but a good one) be warned there are graphic scenes portrayed within this collection and not just me in trunks!

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A very small slug
The obligatory Christmas tree worm - well its the right time of year!
Obviously a girl's slug - overdosed on pink bits
Looks like this one has eaten a hairbrush - Halgerda carlsoni
A fat pink slug - Chromodoris tinctoria
This might be a Bornella Anguilla
These little Triplefins are devilishly difficult to get pictures of, its a pity they aren't more interesting.
We had some wonderful jellyfish opportunities
A very shy Tiger Tailed Seahorse
An ornate Ghostpipefish
Another Ornate Ghost Pipefish - of the other sex, whatever that is
On one of our safety stops we were joined by some juveline Filefish who enjoyed the break from racing around their jellyfish
The filefish had to go back to their jellyfish when we left
One of the more interesting varicose wart slugs - a Phyllidia but I don't know which one
Lion fish on West Ridge - normally a good spot for Mantas... not this time
Its not just Janet Jackson who suffers wardrobe malfunctions
A Purple Sea Dragon - Pteraeolidia ianthina
One of the many helpful Thai table dogs, there were mercifully few cats. It seems the dogs can cope with the snakes...
One of the Wats (temples) at Chalong, this one is full of imported bits of Buddha
Horrible isn't it, the way the lens makes my nose look huge? This is the result of a can of fruit and an angry taxi driver, thank heavens it all happened in the only Tescos on Phuket! Oh and I only wore the pink pajamas because 4 nurses helped me in to them...
Dawn found her cable car ride in Singapore therapeutic
We stopped in Singapore on the way back and chose a Hotel for the floating glass pool and coloured lights - our room is the green one just above my head.
Rob Spray.