Norfolk Twin Wreck Shore Dive Challenge - The Vera and Rosalie

Shore diving sounds easy, and the diving bit is... but even the shortest walk is complicated by carrying 35kgs of kit. Walking across gravel just makes it even more fun! However it was well worth the effort and no boat means there's no need to limit your dive time. Both wrecks have slack enough for at least an hour's dive most weekends - we were greedy and had an hour and a half :-) Plenty of time to play with our newish camera and compare it with our old one. The Vera at Cley and the Rosalie at Weybourne are two of our favorite dives and this was the first time we did them both in a day and from the shore too.
We have added a guide page to help anyone who fancies the challenge themselves:

Rob's E-330 gallery
We've been using the E-330 since May and we're pretty impressed. We have the Olympus housing and for macro use the 50mm lens, 1.4x teleconvertor and FL-36 flash. I was stunned when batteries easily outlasted our 3 hours underwater and nearly 400 photos.
Dawn's C-7070 gallery
The weekend was a chance to see how our old camera, an Olympus C-7070, and our new one, an E-330, compared. Dawn drew the short straw - or was it the long one? She used it with an Inon 165-UCL macro lens and Sea and Sea YS60/TTL flash.
Fun on the surface at Cley
A few photos of the surface landmarks at Cley, which may help with your dive, and some social stills too. Taken a couple of weeks before the dive pictures, they should really go with the first set from July

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