Eastern Life Art
- fun life drawing for every occasion -
Contact us via Facebook, Phone: 07801181964 or E-mail: model@1townhouses.co.uk

Life drawing does normally involve nudity but if you want less on display just let us know!

Hen-party? Birthday celebration? Office team-building?

If your party plans are looking a little jaded, why not consider a life-drawing party with a real live model? It’s the cultured alternative to karts, paint-balling, assault courses and the other 'fun'  activities.

We provide life-drawing sessions for all kinds of groups - hen-parties, birthdays, work celebrations, clubs, companies and their team building events. Life-drawing is something all ages can enjoy. It’s not too physical, certainly not tasteless, definitely cultured and just the right amount of risqué.

And even if that's a little too much for you we can organise elegant still life or silouhette drawing to suit more delicate gatherings. If it's not quite naughty enough ask about our classy 50 Shades of Fun lessions! Everything is always fun, relaxed and organised just to suit you.

How it works

All drawing materials are provided - and you're an artist as soon as your charcoal hits the paper! Our experienced model will tutor so you can develop your technique and artistic expression or giggle yourself silly as you try your hand at capturing the human form. They'll give you inspiration, advice, encouragement. and lots of laughs.

Your model can strike classic poses, but if you have any ideas, themes or suggestions, these can be accommodated to match the theme of your event and make it even more fun. We'll do everything we can to make your event as enjoyable, memorable and funny as possible.

You are more than welcome to take photographs during the session and your model will be happy to be included in group photos at the end. We're always very grateful when a group allows us to use photos to show what a great time they've had.

Quotes are always individual but, the cost averages around £22.5 per head for typical gatherings of 12ish.
For larger groups we offer keen discounts but we'll do our very best for smaller parties too (normally with a minimum charge of £150). Most of our classes are model-led but a separate tutor can be added (from £75).  A deposit of £100 secures your event with the balance payable on the day, or by transfer in the week before to keep the event simple. Once we've agreed a price we'll stick to it and hope you'll be happy to as well. If numbers change way before your event let us know and we'll see what we can do. If it's at the last minute we'll sympathise but may not be able to change (as it's the model who loses out) so we hope you'll understand.

We'd love to hear from you but the facebook campaign has exposed a problem with our contact form :-( so please message us via Facebook, phone, text or mail until we've fixed it. Sorry! Phone: 07801181964  E-mail: model@1townhouses.co.uk