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By August the water was balmy... so we got in as many dives as we could. On this early weekend we dived the Vera and Rosalie twice each and the next Rob was treated to a dive on the Nubia off Sea Palling with GYSAC. Conditions were OK but not yet at their best but Dawn found some tiny new nudibranches on the Vera and we were able to take some wideangle pictures of the wrecks. As it turns out this was good preparation for our surveys later in the month - oh and Dawn insisted on including some topless beach shots to show how warm it was...

Wildlife on the Vera - with new slugWildlife on the Vera - with new slug
Whilst much of the wildlife remains relatively constant on the wreck - the sea cushions the habitat from temperature changes - we do see new animals arrive and also notice some disappear. On this trip Dawn spotted some tiny Doto sea slugs which we hadn't seen before... conditions weren't ideal but she got evidence and will return (see next Norfolk gallery!)
Views of the Vera - with WilliamViews of the Vera - with William
Having stuck to taking close ups (which is easier) it was about time we tried to record the wreck itself and the patterns of growth on it... conditions were slightly too lumpy but you can see the wreckage and watch in awe as William recovers fishing line and disappears into a cloud!

Views of the Rosalie - with JaneViews of the Rosalie - with Jane
A wideangle tour of the Rosalie with Jane. As with the Vera conditions weren't pristine but you can see the all basics on this visit, which was a preparatory survey for GPS surveying later on..
Wildlife on the RosalieWildlife on the Rosalie
Business as usual on the Rosalie really, as you'll see all the usual suspects were present. We were disappointed that the flush of nudibranches we expected didn't materialise... must be something in the water!
Surface distractionsSurface distractions
Dawn captured proof that we had decent weather and includes some scary photos as a warning for the squeamish to stay away! Enjoy her comments on the sights...

The Nubia - Sea PallingThe Nubia - Sea Palling
Once again Sam and Tony of Great Yarmouth SAC were kind enough to allow me to tag along. The Nubia is fairly close in but conditions were good, which explains the excess of pictures of the swirling Bib but doesn't excuse my failure to capture my buddy Roger - I didn't check my stobe set up well enough:-(

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