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P9236803crop.jpg Norfolk Wildlife Trust supporting the Marine Bill campaign was the ideal opportunity to introduce their mainly bird watching visitors to the exotic wildlife which lurks just off  shore beneath their binoculars. Of course we couldn't resist fitting in a dive too!
Diving early on the Vera
Early morning on the Vera
To get a dive in before our gallery duty we had to be up very early, impressively we were joined by Toby who shamed us by driving up while we just staggered out of our tent. The real surprise on the wreck was that 'all of a sudden' there were big areas of mussels - which must have been uncovered by the sea or hungry animals.
Secret Seas at NWT
Secret Seas Exhibition at Cley NWT Centre
To support the Marine Bill campaign we put up a small photo exhibition at the Norfolk Wildlife Trust's new visitor centre at Cley. NWT have been developing their marine coverage and interests at top speed and it was a pleasure to be part of this inaugral show.
Secret Seas at NWT
Secret Seas Exhibition virtual gallery
Although it's not the same as being in the visitor centre  - you can't smell the hot chocolate or taste the cake - this gallery gives you an idea what you missed :-)

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