Indonesia November 06 » Odyssea

The focal point of our trip was the 2 week voyage on Odyssea 1 from Lembeh to Sorong. We were overawed by the level of photo expertise on board and learnt a huge amount from our fellow guests. Although it may not show we felt we left the boat with a clearer idea of how we'd like to develop thanks to their patient advice and tolerance of my many questions. As a special treat for Dr Bob I've included a couple of nasty parasites as I know he has a thing for them :-) I also noticed a cool blue starfish and mollusc which I hope Alex will appreciate (hmmm)
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Juvenile panther grouper dancing
A four eyed goby mid strut
Oh lionfish what big eyes you have...
I didn't see any wonderpuses or mimics but there were a...
A pair of perfect squirts
I think you can see the remains of its juvenile proto...
The aeroplane spotters view of a Nembrotha kubaryana
Juvenile leatherjackets are great fun, this was playing...
A cool Chromodoris magnifica with a neat 'tache
Two sexy cuttlefish and a gooseberry (bottom right)

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