Indonesia November 06

Our end of year trip for 2006 was a return to Raja Ampat via Sulawesi. We enjoyed some land based diving for a week before taking a voyage on Odyssea 1 from Lembeh round Halmerhera to Raja Ampat. There were lot of problems on board and I won't assess the boat publically until they are resolved but its a great area to dive. I've made an attempt or two to ID some of the many slugs we saw but please don't take my pronouncements as gospel and feel free to offer corrections. I found these 2 sites helpful whilst trying to name things: for a visual key and for authorative ID and more pictures

Bunaken Island
The first stop on our '06 trip to Indonesia was a stay on Bunaken with TwoFish divers. We enjoyed our stay with them and their laidback resort. We only had three days there before we moved and it's interesting to see how our pictures developed as the trip went on.
Lembeh Strait
Sandwiched between our stay in Bunaken and voyage on Odyssea was a short sojourn on Lembeh Island. We had some cool dives and although it was basic we really enjoyed the company of our fellow divers from Singapore and came to terms with the muzak from our large US neighbour :-) I think we'd settled into our photography more by then and the pictures started to pick up a bit.
Odyssea 1
The focal point of our trip was the 2 week voyage on Odyssea 1 from Lembeh to Sorong. We were overawed by the level of photo expertise on board and learnt a huge amount from our fellow guests. Although it may not show we felt we left the boat with a clearer idea of how we'd like to develop thanks to their patient advice and tolerance of my many questions. As a special treat for Dr Bob I've included a couple of nasty parasites as I know he has a thing for them :-) I also noticed a cool blue starfish and mollusc which I hope Alex will appreciate (hmmm)
Surface pictures
A selection of air side pictures of life on land and sea...
A selection of panoramas, I'll have to tweak the gallery to show them properly...

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