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We'd never dived this late in Norfolk before but the sea stayed flat and as well as a fun dive weekend we also managed to fit in a Seasearch Observer practical session. After these dives November was stormy, the beaches were extensively rearranged and, as of February 08, the conditions haven't suited diving since. These six galleries include some rare wide angle shots of parts of the Rosalie and Vera and even one of Dawn - so that Seasearch observers know who their leader is ;-)

Web Oct1 Rosalie Early October on the Rosalie
We'd never dived this late in the year off Norfolk but the Weather was kind and we were joined by Rhys for a survey of the Rosalie. The vis was poor, not because the water was cloudy but due to huge amounts of brown gelatinous blobs - you should be able to see them...
Web Oct1 Surface Last chance for the Cley bookshop
For some reason the weird bookshop and cafe were scheduled to close so the atmosphere was stranger than normal but it was a final opportunity to buy a rare Readers Digest edition of Lady Chatterley's Friend.
Web Oct1 Vera
The Vera in Autumn
The visibility wasn't much better on the Vera, it was probably worse, but the wreck was still packed with life and the most marked trend was the ever denser covering of mussels.
Web Oct2 Vera
Web Oct2 Surface
Web Oct2 Rosalie

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