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Getting the most from your digital camera

This is probably a good spot to mention that Rob runs an established digital photography course at a local college and also tutors and troubleshoots on a one to one basis.  I've just added a series of five creative workshops to the end of the 15 week course which give students a chance to stretch their lenses after the classroom sessions.

Our specialism in underwater photography also allows Rob to offer knowledgeable tuition in that field. Of course the principles are the same as for land photography just hugely complicated by water, instability, cased cameras, rubber suits and too much holiday food. There's a 100 page framework package which guides one to one or group instruction which is always tailored to the needs of those attending.

Below you'll find a selection of supporting material to give you an idea of the thought  and expertise which has been put into the courses, even so your interests and concerns are always paramount. If you needs aren't covered initially I'll simply add them to the course.



Getting the Most From Your Digital Camera - digital photography course notes

Paper back printed versions are available for sale, because 98 pages really are a bit of a pain to print at home. These are printed and dispatched from in the US not me. This was the most reasonable way to make printed versions of these notes available that I could find.

Full colour version - very nice but I'm sorry it's 11.99 + postage

Black and white with colour cover - cheaper 4.99 + postage

Download to print yourself - nominal cost (1.99) and no postage of course

The electronic version is given freely with any course which is taken.

The course is delivered as 3 parts of 5 weeks each but the notes are not chopped into 15 neat parts. They contain more information than can be delivered over the course
period but are progressive and take you from innocent novice to image layer wielding ninja. The course delivers the key points and the notes reinforce them with some cherries on top.

Weekend workshop notes - a short version of the full notes for half day workshops

Saturday morning workshops are run occassionally for medium sized groups (10-20), sometimes as an appetiser for a main course. These notes are abridged but still a decent  slice of the main volume if you're curious. Free, but doesn't go into too much depth.
p5020082.jpg Creative photography workshop outlines - five practical sessions beyond the classroom

To go from theory to practice after the classroom based digital photography course these 5 fun workshops give you the time and place to experiment with portraiture, action and macro photography as well as trying to capture a fascinating town by day and night. A free download leaflet - it's advertising after all!
Indonesia Nov06Coming soon: Underwater course notes - password needed, given freely with any course

These notes are a technical briefing and aide memoire framework for working through the theory and practice of underwater photography with groups or individuals.  The main content is verbal, as everyone has different equipment and preferences but the key concepts are broken down and explained in this 100 page presentation.

Hope to hear from you.


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