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Rob Spray - Doer of diverse things...

Since leaving BT (where he was apparently indespensible but really did just need a break from too much corporate jargon) Rob has been busy. He has a broad range of skills and can probably help with anything that's giving you grief. Although he's always trying to look busy he has to eat so can usually be approached to sort something out. Rob's particular strength is understanding how complicated things which don't work together can be reconciled or reconfigured without the manual... be it a car radio, digital cinema projector, underwater camera, chainsaw, computer network or JCB.

Here are some examples of the the things he's sucessfully tried in the last couple of years:

Knowing how things really work, and additionally being able to discover quickly by inspection how they should be working even if they are broken or damaged means Rob can almost always get things to work; to save the day, save a trip or forever (given the right tools and parts). 

Rob has worked on outboard motors, boat hulls, TCP/IP and ATM networks, MPEG 1/2 and 4 video coding, circular saws, camera lenses,

The speaking side of Rob's 'retirement' has been picking up steadily, booking more than a year ahead.  His talk on the marine wildlife of the Norfolk coast 'Hidden Treasures of Norfolk's Secret Sea' has given many local groups their record attendances... but he can actually hold groups on tenterhooks or struggling in laughter talking about travel, shopping, maths or being assaulted with a can of peaches.

Talks available: Yet more on talks

Hidden Treasures of Norfolk/East Anglia's Secret Sea

Seasearch East - Surveying under the North Sea - Effectively part 2 of 'Hidden Treasures...'

Sangalakki - Island of Turtles, Mantas and politics

Dutch Diving for Courting Cuttlefish

The Vera and Rosalie - WW1 Wrecks to Reefs would be possible to talk on almost any of our dive trips if any destination was particularly attractive;The Farne Islands, Thailand, New Zealand, Gozo or Suffolk for example

As well as those I run adult classes in digital photography and can offer talks on related subjects at all levels, for example:

Digital Cameras - nothing to be scared of

Digital Photography - unlocking your pictures

Underwater photography - how to make two hobbies harder!

One thing that sets Rob apart from some of other after dinner and group speakers is that he tries not to inflict his personality on the audience and instead uses his enthusiasm for some genuinely fascinating subjects to draw everyone into the matter at hand - which isn't to say he doesn't have a wealth of tales from his travels just that those are the side dish, not the main course :-)

Fees are (roughly) 75 + travel for local and conservation groups and 200 for corporate audiences. If you think that sounds high there are two points to consider, most is ploughed back into our conservation activities and it's negotiable - each according to their means - so if you are small group who can't gather sufficent numbers or are just starting and building funds or have a major project to support get in touch and we'll see what we can do. Where conservation is concerned the message is much more important than money.

No charge: If you are a dive club, shop or group then we are very, very happy to visit to explain the Seasearch project in the hope that you would like to participate. Seasearch is a project for amateur divers to record what they see on their dives... it's very simple and very important. Any diver can do it! Honestly. As these visits are basically a recruiting exercise there is, of course, no charge. Feel free to donate to Seasearch or the MCS.


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