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Need great pictures?
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We hate being pushy but there's a lot of pictures here and some people don't seem to realise they can have them if they like them... If you're thinking that would look good on my wall, in my conference room, or as a calendar then just get in touch.

We don't do automated online sales yet but we have a gallery preparing to sell our stuff worldwide. In the meantime we can print and frame any pictures that take your fancy.  With no overheads we can be competitive and react fast, simply let us know what you want.

Almost any picture on this site is available for prints, articles, books, websites or the million other uses I'm sure are waiting to be suggested.  With regular exhibitions and ongoing support from Olympus we've had to have to stop being shy and admit that we're on the verge of going pro. Print prices depend on size, framing, mounting and quantity - the catalogue for our last exhibition gives an idea of typical costs. Rates for other uses are negotiable . For really good causes (such as Seasearch) we are very happy to offer images gratis.

This is probably a good spot to mention that I run an established digital photography course at a local college and tutor and troubleshoot on a one to one basis.

Rob and Dawn

Please drop us a line if you have any questions