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Rob and Dawn live in sleepy Suffolk near the East Coast of England. We were both born here, I guess we were just lucky...

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At the moment our lives revolve around conservation survey diving with Seasearch, when we're not working. Dawn runs her own cattery business and Rob has just left BT Research after 24 years in TV and Cinema technology and is available! We're both science types with interests in the real world in general and a thirst to understand it. prev14.jpg

Recently we've stretched into more artistic arenas with the help of our friends at CraftCo and got a chance to make an exhibition of ourselves. With the opening of our exhibition and having gained support from Olympus we're going to have to stop being shy and admit that we're on the verge of going pro and pointing out that we do sell pictures. Any picture on the site is available. For really good causes (such as Seasearch) we are very happy to offer images gratis. We have big libraries of little marine things, mostly plants and insects on the surface, and we'll eventually add more, but please just go ahead and ask if you need something specific.

We've had a few photo exhibitions including July 08 as part of the Salthouse 08 contemporary art festival, see our home page for the latest news.

Dawn's cattery business is getting along like a house on fire with bookings up to 18 months ahead for busy times and people travelling from way beyond Suffolk to board their cats with her.

This is probably a good spot to mention that Rob runs an established digital photography course and workshops and also tutors and troubleshoots domestic or business technology on a one to one basis.

Constructive comments and corrections are always welcome

Rob and Dawn

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