Indonesia November 06 » Bunaken

The first stop on our '06 trip to Indonesia was a stay on Bunaken with TwoFish divers. We enjoyed our stay with them and their laidback resort. We only had three days there before we moved and it's interesting to see how our pictures developed as the trip went on.
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The electric blue tunicates are fascinating in detail but...
Our morning commute to the Twofish dive boats
I can't get these right, too much whisker not enough shrimp
Sharp nosed puffers are some of my favorites, full of...
Indonesia is a slugfest, even before you get to Lembeh
Not all the residents are welcoming
Boxfish and cowfish are great but why won't they stay still?
Once you've spent a couple of weeks getting used to the...
Posing Hawkfish make life easy for photographers
After Finding Nemo it's hard believe these shrimps aren't...

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