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In trying to make the navigation of this collection a little more logical I've separated UK diving from tropical but that left a good number of trips which didn't fall into either group. Although the UK itself is temperate (not truly cold) this seems to be a reasonable heading to cover many of our favourite cooler sites. From Ireland and Holland in Europe via  Gozo in the Med culminating in our love of New Zealand and its amazing diving this is the most varied selection of habitats and least exploited selection of dives.

Our most recent temperate treks have been to the relaxed diving around the Dutch island of Zeeland

P5295687.jpgHolland - May 09
Zeeland in The Netherlands isn't the first place everyone thinks of as a diving destination but a certain time each May the cuttlefish come to meet and mate under the Zeelandbrug. They arrive when the temperature is right for them and stay for about a week. This time we missed almost all the cuttlefish but still had a great time.
P5295687.jpgHolland - May 08
This was our best planned trip to Holland yet, and so only right that it should go off the rails straightaway... and the Zeelandbrug was filthy and pretty much free of cuttlefish thankfully some of the other sites were just as packed with animals as before, phew! Another interesting twist was that the regional tourism gods had started to update the facilities and now there were toilets even in the middle of nowhere!
ARS235461ip.jpg Holland - May 07
Very overdue but well worth a browse the cuttlefish are online at last! They join the other Dutch underwater life which has been on show for a while - sorry it's taken so long. Diving with the cuttlefish in Zeeland is an amazing experience, at least until other divers are attracted by your lights - some things are the same whatever country you dive in...
thumb16.jpgHolland May 06

Older highlights:
Bad News: These old galleries were on and have expired ! We'll redo them... but not just yet :-(

Our most complicated and varied trip was to New Zealand in February and March 2004. We drove and dived from South to North NZ when the storms and floods permitted...
Stewart Island , Otago Peninsula , Mount Cook , Akaroa , Kaikoura - whales and dolphins , Kaikoura - diving , Pupu Springs , Pohara - Eels! , Napier - City of Art Deco and worms + blown out in Whakatane , Hahei - hot water beach , Hahei - diving , Great Barrier Island - diving and Poor Knights - diving. Phew, it was Really quite a trip!

Older pictures: Something for everyone...
Thumbnail30.jpg Baltimore August 03
thumb30.jpg Baltimore August 05
Thumbnail37.jpg Gozo May 03
thumb5.jpg Gozo May 05
thumb16.jpg Holland May 06
Thumbnail61.jpg New Zealand, February 02
This trip includes photos from our trip to the Great Barrier Reef on the way home... hence the non Temperate Grouper with Dawn! Not online at the moment

Constructive comments and corrections are welcome, as always :-)

Rob and Dawn