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We're more into photography than dive gear at the moment, maybe we'll add some boring opinions about fins later on : - )

We have some items for sale too - please have a browse
reviewsWe've written a 2 part guide to underwater SLRs for Warehouse Express. An introduction to the basics, why SLRs are often good, sometimes bad and some ugly details too.
ReviewsOur fresh reviews of the new Olympus E-620 SLR, PT-E06 housing and UFL-2 strobe are on the Warehouse Express site now. We liked them and they were on hand for our Marine Week dives.
ReviewsWe've written a 4 part guide to underwater photography for Warehouse Express.  Getting started, getting better, extras and a section on rescuing photos in the digital darkroom.
reviewsWe're reviewing for Warehouse Express where you can read our articles on the Canon D10 and Pentax W60 there or on our own pages...  Canon D10 and Pentax Option W60 a review of the Fuji F200EXR is on our site now and should appear on WE soon.

A cluster of  reviews are waiting for photos... Read about little a Fantasea torch and focus light, our annoying Lowe Pro camera bags, housing the Olympus 12-60mm lens and what we think of the Samsung NC10 Netbook we used to download and store 120GB of pictures on our last trip.
PB226573small.jpgOlympus E-3 SLR
I didn't know whether to long for or dread the arrival of my Olympus E-3... I couldn't use it underwater but I'd began to salivate over the ultrafast focus and super speed for general photography. My other vacancy was for a better 'deck' camera to shoot dive trips in action, our little flat Mju has been great but it can't quite rival a big camera...  and this one is very weatherproof.
PB251828.jpgOlympus E-420 SLR - Still some pictures to sort out, but the words are done.
Some trips down to Devon were a 
chance to dunk the Olympus E-420 and a modified PT-E03 housing It's an update of the smallest digital SLR and made a great debut. The seas were a bit soupy but it did really well.
PB251828.jpg Olympus E-410 SLR
Our trip to Plymouth was a chance to try the Olympus E-410 and PT-E03 housing It's the smallest digital SLR and we felt the benefit in some lumpy seas. The kit lens was a pleasant surprise and the E-410 did well on our chilly trip - we're sure it'll be great in clear blue water too.
12-60Olympus SLR lens range
As a bit of a guide for SLR newbies and those considering the move from a compact camera here's a  brief run down of some of the lenses we use under and over the water. Whichever SLR camera you like you'll probably consider a selection like this - even if you aren't obsessive enough to actually collect them. There's two of us, so it's only half as bad!
RS059296clean.jpg A full review of the Olympus E-330 and PT-E02 housing It's our first dive SLR and we think it's great for macro as well as building up biceps! It's unique as a real-Live-view SLR which made it easy to move to from our little cameras :-)
thumb36.jpg BACK IN SERVICE: Our review of the Olympus C-7070 Widezoom was overdue, it's only just been supplanted by an E-330 dSLR which can't match it's flexibility. We'd still very much recommend it, it has a great lens and our photography really grew up with it - Links to the BSAC site where the review is hosted.
We have added an 
Olympus Mju770SW to our household and are mightily impressed. Watching people's horrified faces as you dunk this tiny, unhoused camera in the sea is hugely enjoyable.
 thumb56.jpg Here's a run down on the Olympus Mju720SW and PT-033 housing the first of the Mju range to be ready for a swim without a case. It's only rated to 3m but makes it tough enough to handle in wet conditions and we tried the dive housing too.
thumb21.jpg Dawn has sold her beloved Canon S70 Powershot it could have been your start in underwater photography... not a review page but shows what it could do.
To pad this page out there used to be some links to camera reviews I wrote for the BSAC website, which has closed its review section
Thumbnail30.jpg BACK IN SERVICE:  I still have a soft spot for my first digital camera...  the Olympus C-920Zoom Life was so much simpler then, but not easier :-) 
Thumbnail30.jpg BACK IN SERVICE:  Our first upgrade was the Olympus C-40Zoom a tiny camera which did a lot of things very well. It bore the brunt of our photography for several years and got us into macro and manual control.
 thumb1.jpg BACK IN SERVICE:  We bought a Canon Powershot A80 as a stand-in whilst waiting for a major upgrade and it did a grand job. Great for snap shots of medium and large fish.
Thumbnail36.jpg BACK IN SERVICE: I couldn't believe what a difference the Olympus C-5060 Widezoom made to our macro shots. It's just a great camera, we still have one in our backup kit.
thumb4.jpg BACK IN SERVICE: There may be reviews to follow of our old Canon S70 as well as Epoque DS150 strobe, TTL and optical interfaces for Sea and Sea YS60 strobes and Olympus FL-36 cabled strobes.

Constructive comments and corrections are welcome, as always :-)

Rob and Dawn